The First Post

I have made a few attempts at blogging before, but never truly made any effort. I have taught about making all sorts of blogs, teaching, bible studies, stuff for busy dads, weight loss. But all those failed because I forgot to make another entry, didn’t do anything to make an entry, you name it. However, I was watching a video on Facebook from DDP (Diamond Dallas Paige). If you don’t know him, he is a former wrestler turned yoga trainer. He has done amazing things for all sorts of people. I am truly inspired by what he does.  But the video I saw was of a guy who read his first blog from when he started his transformation. I, like him, have always been the fat kid growing up. While I played sports and have tried to keep myself from getting too big, I am not doing anything about. Now, I barely have any energy to play with my very active 3 year old. All I want to do is sit around, play video games, watch TV. or sleep. I am not very funny, but I do  try best to be like Chris Farley because of my size. But this has t change. I am tired of always feeling like there is heart attack right around the corner, constantly being too tired to do anything, and just plain lazy. I know this has to be a mind change and attitude change. It starts now. It starts today. This will be the happy change that will change my life, and hopefully inspire you to make the change.

Just a kick run down. I am not going to hide what I do. Some sites and blogs express all that they do to lose weight, but forget to tell you that they also do these other things. I am just an average 37 year old making a life style change, that will take time. I hope you stay along for the journey and we can do this together.

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