Finishing the Job

Have you ever started something, but never finished it? I know I have. I don’t know how many times I started a project, laid out the plans and schedule for it, only just to be done at day one.

Many workouts have started that way. I plan out the calendar of workouts, only to never start a single activity. I know I need to start losing the weight. I know I feel tons better, just by getting up and moving. It’s always some excuse of why I can’t. Need to do school work, can’t wake up in time in the morning, my child gets in the way or needs to be monitored.

Well, that has to stop. You can actually workout with your child. Mine loves it, even if for just a few minutes. But this is the first step of showing her how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I heard a high rank military officer state that the first thing you should do is make your bed. We always feel like there is so much to do, and we can never finish any task. Make your bed after you wake up. It may be the only task you get done, but you did it.

There is time to get a work out in. There is time to get something done each day, even if its just a small task of the bigger project. Its like this blog. I think I have started five or so blogs over the course of time. I just never got past the first post. I set out to make sure I get at least a post out on Monday. Then I have at least one task done for the week. I know this blog can and will be successful. I just have to give it time, keep working at, and get feedback from you, the readers.




Fun Reads


The new versions of the Harry Potter series has me really excited. My child is still a little too young to watch any of the movies and definitely too young to read the books, but these new, more illustrated books are wonderful. She can look at the pictures while I read it to her. She has a knowledge of who Harry Potter is, but that’s it.

As a teacher, this is such a great tool to for my students to be able to see what the author was talking about visually while still being able to read the story. I bought the first two immediately. I highly recommend these books, especially for your children who are visual.

Becoming Happier

Recently I went through a rough patch. I was not happy at all. I was mainly everything but happy with myself. I had made some bad decisions that were affecting my family, my financials, and my health. And while I was trying to “fix it”, I was just going all over the place, instead of focusing on one thing. I was masking the happy face when deep inside I was not helping anything.

So, as I am working on building my blog, and going through all these resources to help me become successful, I started finding websites and pins that promoted happiness. One was the following 30-day happiness challenge. While I don’t see myself doing all of these and for each day, I can alter them to fit my needs and life. For example, I am not starting a garden in winter(even though it was 80 degrees yesterday).


However, a lot of these are doable and I plan on starting some and really focus on getting me better. I know that once that step is complete, or at least moving in the direction I want it to be, everything else will fall into place, including my personal life being what it once was.