Welcome Back

Sorry for being away for soo long. You ever get so busy that you forget to sit down and work on something that you have been meaning to work on. That has been me. I drive home from work, think about something to post and then never sit down and write. Well, I am back to work at this.

I have read reports that many people who start blogging never see much change because of a few things. One- not having any traffic that they thought would just magically appear. (Guilty!) Two – not having a plan and sticking to it. That is something that I started out well with, but did not stick to. Third – stop blogging because of those things.

While, I have not been blogging for a while, and I’m currently working on my first full year at this, I know it will be tough. Like I said before, while I am doing this to see if I can make some additional cash flow, I need to remember, I am writing this for more than just that. I have found writing ( or typing in this case) my thoughts, things that have worked or not worked for me, being able to bring someone a little joy or peace of mind, some helpful hints, etc., this is for me to do.

I do hope that I can provide you that happiness or helpfulness. Or just be a good read, knowing that in the big picture, I am not trying to sell you anything, and just trying to be a good read. Thank you.


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