Diet that works

I am always thinking about losing the weight. Does that statement sound familiar. How about, today I am going to start losing weight, working out, etc. These are things I have said many times over and over. While the thought process is great, my follow through has been very below average. However, I found one that works, has some immediate results, and I can still eat some of the food I love. Welcome to the Keto Diet.

I am sure some of you out there have heard of this diet before. While there are some side effects that people have seen, I have found it to be rewarding. Now, before I get to far, let me tell you that this has only been week one of this diet. As the weeks go by, I will keep you updated on how it goes, what changes I have done to it, all the good stuff that you want to know before you try it.

Jot it Down

The first thing my wife and I did was download the app on our phones. We use Carb Manager. I have read over and over when you start watching what you eat, you need to write it down. This is true. I have done diets before but never wrote it down. With this app, you can search for what you ate, or even scan the bar code, and it will pull up all the information. This app allows me to see where I stand with what I put in my body.

No, I am not starving myself. In fact, I have been the complete opposite.

Working out

You don’t have to kill yourself working out. This week, I haven’t “worked out” once. While I do plan on adding exercise to my schedule, starting with Plyo. It is fairly simple workouts and can all be done at home. I have also spent more time with my daughter riding our bikes. Do something active, but you do not have to go overboard with it at the start.


More Energy

The one thing we have found is that we have a lot more energy during the day. In the past, I would be content just sitting around during the summer and not doing anything. Now, I am trying to find something to do. This falls back to my life style change at home as well, but it has been nice to have more energy when I wake up in the morning to get up and clean the house, do laundry, take my daughter outside before it gets hellish hot.


Join a group

I have not done this yet, but join some type of group board. You can talk with other people just like you. They may have experienced some of the trials you run into, and they can help you get out or even avoid some of the pitfalls. This is important so that you are not getting yourself down. Plus it is like having someone there to keep you honest and on track.





If you have any questions, or want to keep following me, add you information below. I will always keep it private, I don’t share with anyone ( the teacher in me). I will always try to add new stuff weekly. I try to talk about different topics that can and will help you live a more fulfulling and happy life. At least I hope so.







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