Oct 17

I am a 37 year old teacher in Fort Worth, Texas. I have a my amazing and beautiful wife of 10 years, and a spunky 3 almost 4 year old. They are my life.  Overall, I am just your average guy. I love sports, video games, movies, just about everything.

The overall premise of this blog is to make a change in life. It could be physically, spiritually, or whatever I feel like talking about that day. But for the most part, it will be the overall positive change of yourself. There has been all this negativity that spreads around the world, and I just want to bring in some positive, some light into all this darkness.

I am fairly new to blogging. I have tried my hand in it a few times for different reasons, but nothing kept me motivated to keep trying. Now, I have that growth mindset to keep working. I love networking and getting to know people, and what better way to branch out than finding some common interests.

I thank you for checking me out, and I hope that you continue to follow along this fun and scary journey called life.