About Me

I am a 37 year old teacher in Texas. I have a my amazing and beautiful wife of 10 years, and a spunky 4 year old. They are my life.  Overall, I am just your average guy. I love sports, video games, movies, just about everything.

The overall premise of this blog is to make a change in life. I like to think of this as an all-in-one blog. I know they say to pick one niche, but for me, I always like having choices when on a webpage. I will have links to just certain topics, but the whole goal is to bring some ideas out there to make a change in your life.

I am fairly new to blogging. I have tried my hand in it a few times for different reasons, but nothing kept me motivated to keep trying. Now, I have that growth mindset to keep working. I love networking and getting to know people, and what better way to branch out than finding some common interests.

I thank you for checking me out, and I hope that you continue to follow along this fun and scary journey called life.