How to make those New Year Resolutions stick

Every year, we always make these resolutions for the year and it seems like every year they are forgotten or thrown out the window by the end of January. I have always heard or even said these:

  • I will lose 50 pounds this year
  • I will save _________ amount of dollars
  • I will read 7 books this year
  • I will quit smoking/drinking/etc.

Insert whatever your resolution you would like. When the end of the year roles around, I bet most of us don’t even remember what our resolutions were for the year. So how do you make them stick?

This year, instead of making a list of what you want to do or not do, use key words. For example, this year instead of me saying I want to lose 70 pounds, my resolution is HEALTH. This way I know I am just trying to be a healthier person. I may or may not reach my goal, but if I feel better and my health is better, then I achieved that goal.


Another thing is to write it down. Right now! Now you have it written down so you can always look back at what your goals are. I find this just as important when making specific goals. Writing them down and putting them somewhere where you can see them will help you reach those goals. Mine are written down right now on a piece of paper, but move them into a journal, where you jot down notes, or your progress.

This year mine are HEALTH, FINANCE, FAMILY, READING. Thats it, just four words. Now, I can break those down into my long and short term goals as I see fit. But come December 31st, I can look back and see if I achieved the big 4, my short term goals, and any long term goals. I will show you what I mean for each goal, plus its another way I can be held accountable for my goals.


Like I mentioned earlier in the post, I want to be healthier. Now yes, I would like to lose 70 pounds this year, thats my long term goal. Short term goals right now, is to work out 30 minutes 5 days a week, eat better foods, drink less sodas, quit tobacco use. Now I am not going out and cleaning out my fridge and spend hundreds of dollars are new food, that’s just not realistic to me, plus I don’t have that type of money.  But what I can do, is plan my meals, keep my portions to the right amount, and limit the bad stuff I take in, including when I eat out.


This goal to me is easy. Don’t spend more than I make. Last year, I made the mistake of taking out some loans, and it cost me, bad. Like it almost cost me my family. That will be another post later. The bullet points here is to save over $1000 for savings, set up an emergency fund, and pay off 1-2 credit cards. The obvious one to add will be to make sure all my bills are paid on time.


When you first read this goal, you might have been thinking, how can you make a goal about family? Well, these will be based on the size of your family and the time you spend. Mine is to spend more quality time with my wife and daughter. Don’t get me wrong, I spend time with them now. What I mean, is to take my wife on a date more often, at least once a month. Just me and her. For my daughter, its to spend more time outside with her, which is hard when its freezing outside or the seventh layer of hell hot (I live in Texas, where the weather is what I like to call bipolar). But to also spend more time teaching her bible verses, letters and sounds, even playing with her and her toys.


This goal is just for me to read more. I have plenty of books that I want to read, I just haven’t spent the time to start reading. I have done better this year already than years past. In fact, I already finished one book this year.

This was such a good book. And inspiring. Its a quick read really. Its like Chip Gaines knew he was writing for me. Short, sweet and to the point. But my goal is to read more before I go to bed instead of watching TV, even though I like having it on for background noise to fall asleep to.

So, as you can see, you can make these goals attainable. Just remember, you may not reach the specific goal you wanted, but if you start making the changes now, and make notes about them, and you just focus on the word, then you can say that you succeeded in reaching your resolution for the year. And next year, you can revamp your specific goals and work on those.

I hope these work for you. Have a blessed year.


Finishing the Job

Have you ever started something, but never finished it? I know I have. I don’t know how many times I started a project, laid out the plans and schedule for it, only just to be done at day one.

Many workouts have started that way. I plan out the calendar of workouts, only to never start a single activity. I know I need to start losing the weight. I know I feel tons better, just by getting up and moving. It’s always some excuse of why I can’t. Need to do school work, can’t wake up in time in the morning, my child gets in the way or needs to be monitored.

Well, that has to stop. You can actually workout with your child. Mine loves it, even if for just a few minutes. But this is the first step of showing her how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I heard a high rank military officer state that the first thing you should do is make your bed. We always feel like there is so much to do, and we can never finish any task. Make your bed after you wake up. It may be the only task you get done, but you did it.

There is time to get a work out in. There is time to get something done each day, even if its just a small task of the bigger project. Its like this blog. I think I have started five or so blogs over the course of time. I just never got past the first post. I set out to make sure I get at least a post out on Monday. Then I have at least one task done for the week. I know this blog can and will be successful. I just have to give it time, keep working at, and get feedback from you, the readers.




Becoming Happier

Recently I went through a rough patch. I was not happy at all. I was mainly everything but happy with myself. I had made some bad decisions that were affecting my family, my financials, and my health. And while I was trying to “fix it”, I was just going all over the place, instead of focusing on one thing. I was masking the happy face when deep inside I was not helping anything.

So, as I am working on building my blog, and going through all these resources to help me become successful, I started finding websites and pins that promoted happiness. One was the following 30-day happiness challenge. While I don’t see myself doing all of these and for each day, I can alter them to fit my needs and life. For example, I am not starting a garden in winter(even though it was 80 degrees yesterday).


However, a lot of these are doable and I plan on starting some and really focus on getting me better. I know that once that step is complete, or at least moving in the direction I want it to be, everything else will fall into place, including my personal life being what it once was.